Merry Arttoones, MFA


Instruction at my Reality Check Studio, Tucson, Arizona, USA

How big can you build with Stoneware Paperclay and have it survive the kiln? Have not found its limit yet.. but my limit is about head high and every older year, I give myself a talking to ...about working smaller...something about my aching back is usually included...BUT... come take a workshop and see just how fast and big you can build in 5 days.

PLUS you will learn to apply Amaco underglazes in new and creative ways as you build.. to help inform the narrative .. AND... if that is not enough in the evening .. I will demonstrate my technique for painting and trailing with AMACO Underglazes and glazes on tiles... and of course there is Pie Day! and Winning the Gravity War wine night...

You can learn more about these workshop and meet survivors in my FB group "Surviving Merry Mary Workshops"

”Workshop Schedule

  • Every day: Education: 9 – 4; bring your lunch ; studio open for individual work in evening by appointment
  • Day 1: WINNING THE GRAVITY WAR..introduce my exterior and interior armature system, introduce the freedoms of using stoneware paper clay. Build. Evening: Gravity War Recovery: WINE NIGHT (BYO): I provide the (it’s a meal) appetizers.
  • Day 2: RESPECTING THE MEDIUM; Adapting the basic anatomy to the vagaries of building in clay. Build. Lunch: PIE DAYEvening : demo Amaco Velvet underglazes on tile. Finish the Wine and appetizers…
  • Day 3: NARRATIVE ARRIVES: Build: Learning to change direction to enhance the narrative; SHADOW: Letting it tell the story.
  • Day 4: KNIFE DAY: Build. Remove exterior armature ; kiln cpnsiderations; firing programs; packing it for the home journey. Evening: finish the wine…LOL
  • Day 5: COLOR WORK: Applying Amaco Velvet Underglazes in different ways to inform the narrative… possibilities for a once fire by combining AMACO velvets and Amaco celadons in the first fire. Merry Marys strange but wonderful firing schedules..