“Two Roads Diverged in a Wood” the poet tells us … and I have labeled those FACILE and POETIC.  Facile suggests an ease and fluency, but also insincerity and superficiality.  In art school we all developed facility, a certain ease in rendering an image. And we put in honest  and sincere effort to attain that facility. However, the danger for an artist is settling for mere facility.

At  the point of these two diverging roads, the Facile Road  tempts…it offers a  smooth, comfortable, short journey.  But the Muse shouts: Danger! Danger! For the Facile Road can lead to creating work without serious thought or depth of feeling.  “NO!” insists the Muse, “Take the POETIC road.” Ahh but, it is hilly, obstacle strewn, and a marathon; maybe an ultra marathon.  On the Muse’s precarious trail, I often lose my way. The original imagery lost; a new imagery found.  Hopefully, in each cycle of losing and finding, losing and finding, I come close to grab the Muse’s wing, and hang on. Somewhere back in time I chose the company of the Muse…. I am still running that race.

So no, my pieces don’t stop at an easy 3 hour study. The Poetic Road leads on and on, for hours leading to days, and weeks or even months. if need be. Either I will find the poetry of the Muse or I will fail utterly in the attempt.

“Two roads diverged in a wood. I chose the one less traveled. And that has made all the difference.”